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Convulvulous - Detail from A Place in Time

Convulvulous - Detail from A Place in Time

Medium:Oil on panel


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Convulvulous - Detail from A Place in Time


I find my universe amongst the tumbling
leaves of the wild garden. Here near to the dark damp earth you will find a dream catcher, a place for meditation beyond our control just as the stars are. A part of me lies within the randomness, the pristine, half hidden structures, where the convolvulus spreads bursts in trumpets to display their paper-thin petals, a pink just discernible to the eye.

Within the dark spaces, all the awe of dark matter between the stars, the deepest recesses of a dream, tumbling beneath the belly of a gigantic cloud, then to break into the sparkling sunlight beyond, to heal in the warmth of its life-giving rays.

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