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Whoever with skill and wisdom expertly asks,
to him it will speak and teach him all manner of things joyful to the mind...
But if anyone should in ignorance question it at first with rudeness,
to him in vain it will chatter high-flown gibberish forever...

--- Hymn to Apollo



This statement is alleged and without prejudice

It is intended that people are well informed about matters that concern their safety and wellbeing and to extend their knowlege of the world. At no time is this intended as 'preaching' indoctrination, perswuasion, or deception and you are invited to do your own research. Radical extremism, domestic extremism, disturbance of minors is not advised. Any questions or comments that you wish to make in the public domain please progress peacefully, democratically and within the law.


It is well established that Nazi scientists were absorbed into the US at the end of the Second World War.  Little is known by the general public of how advanced Hitler's regime actually was and that much of this knowledge came from a collaboration with various species.  They had anti-gravity drive for example back-engineered from alien craft.
The Nazis investigated ancient history, alchemy and the occult, they almost certainly researched those that we called gods and their genetic modification of sapien sapiens.

Before the great flood when the Atlantic area was a landmass, one of the most powerful incoming species was the Nordic Anunnaki. This species are tall, immensely strong, they have blue eyes and blond hair.  It is my view that the German Nazi ideal came from the Nordic Annunaki who had an ancient opposition to the Hebrews when they came out of Egypt to visit Cainan.  The Ubades and the Sumerians regarded the Annunaki as gods,
the Hebrews, who had intermarried with Egytian Royalty and who had hidden their true identity, brought from Egypt their belief in one god, the Sun god Atun.

Then began the five hundred year process of writing the Old Testament.  Books removed from the original text contain in part our connexion with the Reptilian Anunnaki and so early elements of deception begin through this early religious text creating a deceptive mythology based upon the truth, but that  until now has hidden the true identity of important people that form a part of the Old Testiment Story.  Even the word 'testament' is hidding the god central to the Hebrews.  'Amen' a word that has been paid homage to in Christian prayers when we say 'For ever and ever Amen.' This is not a sacriligious revelation but it demonstrates how deeply the deceptions run, that we have been conditioned for thousands of years to say the name of one god when we intend another.

I have tried to keep this text fairly simple as each facet of the story contains vast detail with evidence to back it up.  I intend to put more flesh on the bone in seperate writings.The part Israel has played throughout history and the part it is playing today in running the private bank in America, The Federal Reserve that is dictating the Global finances.

Just prior to the Great Flood, the Reptilian Anunnaki (remember that we are part reptillian) left the Earth 'Like a flock of migrating birds' ENLIL was against ENKI (both ANUNNAKI) informing Noah about the flood, we had served our purpose and they wanted us wiped out.  They left hybrid human (Nephelim) to rule in their place as the first Kings and Pharaohs.  This until now has also been kept from the knowledge of the people.

This bloodline has continued to the present day in many countries around the world, they are the Kings, Queens, Rulers, wealthy families, occultists and secret brotherhood leaders also some politicians. The Royal bloodlines are therefore extremely ancient and intermarriage is designed to maintain the bloodline.  Wherever they rule you will observe
reptillian imagery in the heraldry, public sculptures, statues, paintings from ancient times to the present day.  The snake, dragon, crocodile, owl, leopard, and many other creatures appear again and again.

Deception has maintained the power and great wealth of the elites not only through the families but through the churches who have hidden their Anunnaki connections from public view.

It is at this point that the story takes on a strange twist that requires a leap of faith.We live in the third density, the Annunaki are trapped in the fourth density or time zone.We are at this very moment migrating to the fourth density and there is a strong possibilty that we will meet our genetic modifiers once again.  It has been known from ancient times that the human race will remain relatively safe as long as no nation collaborates with species external to the Earth and in particular a manevolent species.

There has always been some interaction but in modern times our connection entered into a more serious development that would have reprocussions on our future. It began with the Nazis and the Bavarian bloodlines and it has continued into the US and I believe other powerful countries too.  One species are genetically weak and have illnesses that began during this time period.  They wanted to abduct humans in order to make experiments concerning our reproduction.  This was agreed to in exchange for technology, that is anti-gravity flight, genetic techniques and mind control.

Humans were to be returned unharmed and their memory of the experience erased.
They were often not returned, or terribly mutilated and killed.  We have also participated in abductions on a large scale.  Realising we had selected a species who had deceived and betrayed us, we approached the Nordic Anunnaki some of whom live amongst us,
in order to halt the process but it was too late.

It is important to understand that throughout history these fourth density beings have been communicating with us with through occult ceremonies and blood sacrifices sdo alien to our moral standards as to appear demonic.  This accounts for many of the apparitions and manifestations that are embedded in our mythology and folk law.  'The Flea' by William Blake is a very close rendering of an Anunnaki and there are other examples including actual skeletons and even a flesh covered head found in Mexico. Votive offerings made from clay that depict the Anunnaki may be found in many museums around the world.

It is important to understand that these beings want something from us and that our bloodline needs to be in contact with them.  It is also important to realise that their Sun and planet complex return to our solar system every 3600 years, that some species come and go, while others live in bases underground and below the sea, so we have always shared our planet with other species.  Even today this is being kept from us and those who work in contact daily are threatened if they reveal the truth. It is important to ask why in the light of our neighbouring planets having surfaces that are less habitable with species driven underground,
have we survived relatively intact.  I have recently found new evidence that our solar system is being manipulated, interacted with, physically manoeuvred, and it is my strong belief that the Earth is highly prized as a created and continuously repopulated eco system. We will have to unite in order to defend ourselves and the Earth and those that would prevent us from doing so are almost certainly collaborating with the misguided belief that they will attain great power, wealth and an extended life through the genetics programme.

It is important to understand the connection between ancient wars between genetically different races and the roll of the bloodline elites even before the great flood of the Old Testament.  One example is Bohemian Grove in California, where many of the world leaders go and where global administration is planned beyond the jurisdiction of governments.  The list reads like a who's who of the World's most powerfull people, the guest list would surprised you.  Occult ceremonies, alleged human sacrifices, hooded priests and an enormous idol in the name of the owl, 'Molech' one of the Canaanite deities.  The most important element that influences the mindset of leaders when they return from Bohemian Grove, lies in the name of the ceremony - 'The Cremation of Care'. The cremation of care about what, for whom - humanity?

America, Canada and Mexico have been combined under the North American Union, together with the Eastern block countries and the European union, most of the world has been reduced to three entities under the Trilateral Insignia. European troops will be brought to Britain, Chinese troupes are already on American soil.  It is planned that individual country identities and loyalties will be dissolved.  Objective - population control and reduction.

Politicians often say that the British people oppose change, well the British people don't like being administered to without transparency, consultation or the promised  referendum on our involvement with the European Union, being realised.  Just what collaborative agendas are being followed that would cause even the Priminister to try to prevent his back benchers from honouring this agreement and to serving the people who put him in his present position?

Politicians don't just repair and maintain, they seem compelled to alter all organisations and institutions from education, health services, police, to pensions and employment, as if to flex their power and facility to administer unchallenged and sometimes in secret.

It is vital to be aware that some legislation is put in place to prepare the mechanism for further strategies, much harsher devices, to be followed by a dictatorial shut-down of , freedom and the complete annihilation of the little democracy we have.

People are being asked to report on their neighbours if they express or reveal 'radical extremism', are illegal immigrants, abusing benefits, even dropping litter.  These factions are grouped together so that the reasonable sanitises the outrageous.

The predicted premeditated result is to isolate households and individuals from each other, to fragment communities and organisations and to make people afraid to speak out in any way at all.  Add to that the plan to put curfews in place if their is the slightest risk of unrest during a peaceful protest, and the citizens right , to have a voice, is shut down through intimidation and fear.  It is well know from past experience in Europe and Russia, that people can disappear during an imposed curfew without witness.

Should a signicant percentage of the population stand up to these impositions, would they be listened to or would politicions draw ranks behind the new armed military police,and ultimately, invited foreign military, its a big question but how can it not be asked?


Our greatest enemy is our apathy, adiction to comfort, comodoties, luxury goods, our fixation with status, our unwillingness to stand out from the crowd,our fear of judgement, opinion, ridicule and finally our isolation and non-involvement with the welfare of others including our children.  As a result of our blind refusal to even care about our survival we have placed ourselves in the hands of thereal radical extreamists, the international power bases that are collaborating right now against us.  You have very little time to realise that the war on terrorism is also a war against us. 

I have sympathy with those that think our involvement with other species is a rediculous notion, be aware that matters in all things in this context are not only true but have been happening for a very long time. I care too much for humanity to want or need to invent the truth. For the sake of our shared world, the new generations of children who know little of global controls, urgently need our help, our new knowlege, understanding, and our gaudianship that is being undermined subversively by contaminated institutions in our community.

Peter Gabriel - 'Wallflower' recorded 2010 all rights reserved





I will go into greater depth in new writing but suffice to say for now that what we face is a real and great threat from hidden conspirers and their servants and agents in our community some of whom have been caught up unknowingly in this quickening maelstrome.

These methods have come from a knowledge base accumulated via our treatise with alien species in exchange for the Earth's surface. How ever unbelievable this may seem, this has actually happened but you won't read about it in newspapers or hear it on the news.

Any uniformed person ordered to commit an act against members of the public is committing a crime against humanity, often sanitised by anti-terrorist propaganda and
without any real understanding of an evil background agenda that ultimately will effect them and their families too! So this then is the ultimate betrayal of the population by using the uniformed population against itself. The removal of children from families on the slightest pretext, exercising terror in the community (for it is nothing less) is the classic form of divide and conquer, the true agenda behind 'The New Society' and this is truly subversive.

The genuine threat of terrorism had been greatly expanded with orchestrated events to propel a change in the public mindset. Your disbelief, shock, apathy, fence sitting, buys them more time, while they orchestrate more distractions. This is a deadly process and caretaker collaborating politicians are allowing countries to slowly break down in the hope of fear, confusion and anarchy so that we welcome complete dictatorship and marshal law.

To control the supply of water and food is to control the people.  We know that our water is poisoned with chemical waste, our food is also not exempt from dangerous additives, the air we breath is poisoned with chem trails each and every day.  Planes are costomised to spray the atmosphere though some have chemicals mixed directly with the fuel.  Some planes are alegedly coming from Germany, filled with containers of toxic chemicals and computer control systems in place of seats.  This is nothing but warfare declared on defenceless people.  Sticky substances may be found on plants, resperatory problems, dizziness, skin rashes and skin problems also extreme tiredness is often the result.  The birdflue vaccines like aides medication are in response to manufactured viruses.  There may well be a direct connection between the vapour trails and the vaccines which intensify their effect on human health.  In the US a course of three vaccines injections may be made manditory and any refusal will result ultimately in the removal of children.

Huge tracts of Government food producing farm lands have been deliberately shut down in the US.

We must do nothing that can be thought of as an act of terrorism, nothing that uses violence or a conspiracy to cause violence of any kind. Remind them that we live in a democracy that if they destroy that and undermine the country, it is an act against the people an act of treason. Elected Governments are the servants of the people not our dictators. They must never conspire with other countries, organisations or brotherhoods against the people who elected them. They may not sit in on meetings that plan and organise a new controlling leadership or govenment other than the one they were elected to serve and this is an act of treason.

The clock is ticking so for the sake of your children please wake up and think with your heart! Remember that all the media is restricted and controlled. Keep the military out of schools, choose your own new heads of police not those chosen for you, and closely monitor their agendas. Remember that the police are there to serve the public and should no be allowed to become overlords who we fear and who bully the community.

Do not allow the gap between us and the police administrators and chief officers to widen and fuel a secret ruling society.
Keep your children out of CPC courses as these are designed to change the mindset of children and others from the age of fourteen. This will further fuel the break up of families and marginalise the rights of parents (remember the Hitler Youth).

Appose the militarilization of the police, each individual must carry identification and be accountable. Appose secret trials concerning children and monitor the welfare of families against decimation by the Social Services. Support the rights of Mothers and Fathers equally. Monitor intrusion by schools that is detrimental to family support and the precious relationship between children and their parents that must come above all things even above their relationship with their teachers who are there to teach and not to be in loco parentis or to be inquisitors for the State. Lobby for new legislation that supports the solidarity of the family on the bases of reconciliation and support rather than giving the right to remove children at will.

The war on terrorism has many preordained functions. While stirring patriotic and religious separatist reactions it draws vast sums of money from the public purse with or without their consent, it also allows many agendas to be carried out on foreign soil
and to operate globally as a moral task force which is a form of colonial occupation of other peoples territories. The war on terrorism may also be directed inwardly upon the people, not only to monitor foreign dissidence and sleeper groups that genuinely threaten the nation, but in a drip by drip radicalization of our normal social behaviour.

It has created an atmosphere where people grow suspicious of each other. It introduces terms like radical extremism which have rapidly extended to domestic extremism. Coupled with all uniformed personal given in reserve the power of arrest and home entry, and the Common Purpose Charity training children in leadership beyond authority for a 'Post democratic regime' and it is not hard to see where it is all leading.

The public have been subtly intimidated into a fear that they may not protest, speak out, hold meetings, raillies, marches, gatherings, petitions, or even be overheard talking in groups of two or more in public places, blogging on the internet etc.  During four peacefull protests in London, a small group, their faces well hidden committed acts of violence against property but which resulted in the devastation of local people.
The peacefull protesters new nothing of these groups and felt that their cause had been hyjacked their group infiltrated.  Uniformed personell often stood motionless or made an inefectual show of running, they did not interfear with the acts of violence.

It is not difficult to manipulate the arena of public safety by staging escalations in behaviour- cause and effect.  First create the problem then administer the cure that will advance you aganda - a three stage manipulation that will be lost on members of the public anxious to get home after a hard days work.  The next move is to create advance curfews that shut down whole areas as a ticket towards further control and to minimise whitneses to further missions into private homes.

So has so called Democratic Britain become Nazi Germany, Russia under Stalin?
We know that there is a plan to demolish patriotism, national identity, even the flags of Nations. Just how have we allowed the very people who we thought we had elected to take us so far into this destructive 'Aldus Huxley' hell, and what are we going to do about it. To peacefully protest and have the courage to say 'NO MORE'.

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