Zacron working in the British Museum 2011

Zacron working in the British Museum 2011

Medium:Photography ArtShot International DACS 2011 all rights reserved


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Zacron working in the British Museum

The Gallery specialises in the Ancient Levant - 7500 BC - 332 BC.

The area comprises modern Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Western Syria.

The region was home to two great indiginous peoples - the Cananites and the Armenians.

These people traded with the Egyptian, Hitite, Babalonian and Persian Empires.


As well as making a detailed history of this area, the earliest known seat of civilisation

which included the Ubaides and the Sumerians, the artist draws conciderable knowlege

and research from the British Museum collection. The study is a great inspiration for

creative imigery. Since this knowlege is extremely relevant to our development as a

human race and the incredible changes to come, this source of material is not onle ancient

but extremely relevant to the twenty first century and our future.

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