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Directory of Ezines will help you make money on line, simply the best around.

Directory of Ezines will help you make money on line, simply the best around.


SUBJECT: Personal one on one consulting FREE?

For friends of


Hello friends!

Times are tough and people are worried. They, and
perhaps you, have questions.

Questions that need a PERSONAL answer.

But money is tight too and so buying up a bunch of
consulting hours is just out of the question.


If you are a Directory of Ezines Lifetime member
Charlie Page, the owner of the DOE, will GIVE you his
consulting time free!

Charlie charges $200 per hour to consult one-on-one and
gets it with no problem.

But you won't pay that. You won't pay at all courtesy of Zacron!

Sound good?

It will be!

If you need help making it online - if you are not
where you want to be right now - then this just might
be the thing that puts you over the top.

I know that one-on-one conversations with my mentors
helped me get to where I am today.

How about you?

Here's the private link. Go get it while it lasts.

You could get free consulting as soon as this week!


Hoping you have great success online!

With very best wishes from Zacron


P.S. DOE Lifetime members will get Charlie's private
phone line and be able to call in and ask ANY question
on their mind.

That's ANY question - how to create a product, sell
things, your ART, write emails, do joint ventures ... ANY

Here's the link again. Get in while you can.

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