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The studio of Michael Wiggins

The studio of Michael Wiggins


The Art of Michael John Wiggins - Extract taken from a Review by Zacron, artist, writer and broadcaster.

The intricate linear drawings of Michael Wiggins comprise multi-layered fantasy environments taken from the observed world and curiously they conform to traditional even classical compositions , as non threatening as a vase of flowers: That is until you look more closely. The perfect brief by the most empathetic art director would give him ‘The Wicker Man’, ‘ The Inner Earth, ‘The Time Machine’, as subjects perfectly suited to nurture the considerable vision of Wiggins.

The work chases that narrow margin between an indulgently embellished and miscellaneous world of obsolete artifacts, and sustaining with dignity a vision of ant-like man, engulfed by his own global pollution..

The drawings of Wiggins make a habitation for the eye while constructing the utterly uninhabitable, the town planner’s ultimate nightmare. It is interesting that the human entity is consistently held within a womb-like, enfolding environment while remaining separate from it.

Tonal variety is achieved by density and variety of surface detail.

The work is not a mile away from the regimented, constructs of Escher. It hints at the Palladian crypts of Piranesi, even the rudimentary un-anatomical Armageddon of Geiger and the extruded, gestated limbs of Dali.

Wiggins is altogether English; he is the glorious product
of an island race that builds with endless obsession, its own cerebral empire, making an enchanting maze of even its own psychotic malfunctions with alacrity and humour.

Zacron 2008


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