Expedition to Sardinia to study Nuraghi Stone technology

Expedition to Sardinia to study Nuraghi Stone technology

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Expedition to Sardinia to study Nuraghi Stone technology


My research into Nuraghi stone technology is ongoing together with visits to other pre-megalithic stone structures around the world.

Following a detailed study of the Nuraghi stone towers in Sardinia, my findings differed from the official view that they were built for defence about two to three thousand years ago.

The formation of more than eight thousand stone towers continue beneath the sea and connect with mainland Italy, this puts them in the pre-flood era, 12,000 years ago, and certainly the huge size of the blocks together with the way they have been cut is characteristic of the pre-diluvian era and the intervention of the Anunnaki and the giant race that have been proven to exist at that time.

In terms of defence, a single entrance together with very narrow window openings would be unsuitable for defence as a fire would soon flush out any occupants and archers would only be able to aim at the enemies feet.

Each structure is built with an inner and outer wall with the space between the walls backfilled in a rising spiral to create a stairway that takes you to the top of the tower up to eighteen metres above the ground.

The going is paved with large flat stones and there are slotted windows at intervals as you climb.  Within the main structure stones are closely fitted and taper to a domed top where the formation is circular and horizontal as it closes to the centre.

It is my view that a solid tower was first built that had a rounded top, and that the stones were laid evenly against the shape before the inner material was removed leaving a perfect domed ceiling.  If each stone was cut having a perfectly calculated taper, and built by adding each layer in the manner of the Inuit's building of ice houses, then this is certainly an example of advanced stone technology that may well have had guidance from another race. In 10,000 BC we were ourselves another race, whether hominid or hybrid, that is part Nephelim decendance of the giant bloodline. Five fingers and toes, two rows of teeth, massive facial structure, distended upper cranium, would indicate that to be the case.

These are archaeo-astronomical towers, I found an opening at the top of one tower that allows the sun to shine one day of the year to project the shape of a bull's head centrally on the floor of the tower.  The bulls head was a northern star before the great flood around ten to twelve thousand years ago.

Each Nuraghi is aligned with the next, 500 metres apart, this alignment is fixed by the rising sun on the morning of the equinox that passes through a window or aperture in the stone from opposite walls.  The sun's ray therefore passes through the Nuraghi in perfect alignment.  Building complexes built as circular cells around a central stronghold, can be found on Mars which substantiates a connexion and the possibility that some hominids came from Mars until the interplanetary war drove civilizations underground where they are today.

These structures have an energy and a sound value in a similar way to the stone circles of Adams Calendar found in South Africa that date from the time of the Anunnaki Overlord Enki (12,000 BC).  Sound frequencies may well have played a part in the cutting of the stone using an energy drawn from the Earth itself.

The ancient race of the giant existed all over the world and certainly existed in Sardinia.  Italian archaeologists have excavated the Giant's burial places and removed skeletons that were over three meters in length.  These burial mounds are in the shape of a bull's head.  Underground chambers have been found, cut into very hard stone.  These have small entrances and some extended into four separate rooms.  Burial mounds have also been found beneath the sea.  Underwater structures have also been found at Biminy

at a depth of 700 meters, and at the most Southern island of Japan, there has been found a huge structure cut into the entire form of an extensive stone outcrop.

Archaelogists have stated that the designed structure is natural because they claim that the steps are too large for human use.  I must say that I find this kind of retoric on the part of the 'so-called' authorities ridiculous and an insult to our intelligence.

The structure includes the form of a turtle, a large head, and a very large bird, there is also a stadium with rows of ascending seats, very much not the work of nature but constructions by inteligent beings.  I should say at this point that skull have been found that are human in shape but that they have only one devision that separates the parietal (forehead) from the rest of the structure.  These skulls are not homo-sapien but are either a previous or an incoming race.  These skulls indicate the overall height of the skeleton to be in excess of three meters.

Artifacts together with a world-wide pre-cuniform language, found in association with these skulls, have been calculated and tested to be at least 20,000 years old.

There are very large boulders that have an accurate global map inlaid into the surface, around the entire form of the stones.  These maps show a long continent thatis now beneath the sea.

Other stones and sculptures depict our interaction with dinasoaurs made at the time of the dinasoaurs!  Human foot prints have been found along side the prints of dinasouars and incredibly the individual had worn a shoe or sandle and the fine stitching is still visible.  Our interaction with a reptillian race is also clearly depicted and an ancient disc, modelled in high relief seems to depict our DNA modification by the reptillian race and other species that led to 'the human races' that exist today (we have up to 3.5 chromosomes difference between our human races).  The disc is made of a material not found on Earth (to be continued).

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