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Assemblage 1 1969

Assemblage 1 1969

Medium:Domestic detritus


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Assemblage 1


During the sixties and seventies I experimented endlessly with every kind of material and object that came to hand.  A piece would be put together during a visit, from literally anything that lay around.

In its own way the process was risk taking, full of surprises as preconceptions were diminished by what individual item would actually do, how they related, how they joined and how the whole sculpture interacted when complete.

It was an abstract notion that however 'every day' componants where, whatever they were usually used for, it was the overall shape, form, character and dynamic that matered.

Had it been cast in bronze it would have attracted a sophisticated art buyer impressed by a tradditional permanent material, but it would have then become a different kind of object. Rapidly made as it is from perishable elements, added axcitment to the process and result.

The only way to capture the assemblage was to take a photograph, then it became portable, its life extended, and others could see it as you can now.

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