The Coming of Neberu

The Coming of Neberu


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The Coming of Neberu



Neberu orbits our solar system every three thousand six hundred years, and moves in an opposite direction to all the more local planets. It is depicted in early relief sculptures from Sumeria, Assyria, The Hittite Empire, Egypt, The Mardi and many others, as a sphere with wings.

The wings represent trails of fire arching to the left and right as this massive minor sun approaches from beneath our sun in the Southern hemisphere. It carries with it, many moons and minor planets in a close cluster and may well have deposited our current moon during an earlier passing, perhaps as the result of a collision. Our moon has a very different chemistry to Earth and its form is raised on the side facing away from earth (against the expected deformation caused by the gravity pull of our planet).

Neberu will pass us by during December 2012 and it is reported that it will appear about one third the size of the moon. We will witness in our life time, one of the most incredible periodic cosmic events ever to be seen throughout our occupation of the planet.

However, as everything is subject to change, we may well find that the trajectory of these bodies will take a different path as the Earth enters the photon belt and is aligned with the sun and the galactic center.

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