The Awakening

The Awakening

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T   H   E        A   W   A   K   E   N   I   N   G

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The Earth is changing and our DNA is being upgraded. Some children are being born with three strands of DNA 'a triple helix' instead of the usual 'twisted double strand of DNA. Our planet has entered a photon belt and is lining up with the centre of the sun and the centre of the galaxy. Light frequencies being emitted from our galactic centre are affecting our genetics and that of all life on the planet. We are aligning with the 'Dark Rift' and that will connect us with the black hole at the galaxies centre. Our perception of who and what we are, where we have come from and where are we going is about to take a gigantic leap forward as we awaken to a new time, a new density and a cleansing of the Earthly hell we have so blindly sustained.


Light carries cosmic intelligence

My researches and that of colleagues lead me to realise that light itself carries information, even an interactive intelligence. Tests on light photons demonstrate that light particles directed at a sensitised plate from a laser will arrive at the plate even though half of them have been directed elsewhere. The light seems to respond to our intention, can be in two places at the same time, either way it seems to possess a 'mind' a higher intelligence. Added to that, on inspecting light particles, they change from a particle to a photon the moment your mind perceives them as such. Light interacts with the human mind, or may be carrying signals together with electro magnetic energy that effect what we are perceiving, a third density hologram, a created reality!
We are at the end of a 26,000 year cycle, at the end of a full precession of the Earth's axis. As we draw closer to the end of the cycle, time is speeding up, also our consciousness is rising to a new level of awareness as we enter the fourth density


We have been massively deceived

As we progress we will be able to perceive the forth density, intensified by the greater use of our right brain. For thousands of years we have existed in the third density, predominantly a function of the left brain - aggression-possessiveness, hatred, self-centeredness, intolerance and greed are prime characteristics of behaviour in this density. In this density we are easily deceived and controlled, based in a physical realm indoctrinated by religious creeds and texts that have been severely edited to leave out the very information that would have opened our eyes to a very different reality.

What comes next may leave you speechless or in great disbelief.
Within the third density, our 'reality' may have been manipulated, have been 'set up' by highly advanced species, advanced computers (used in deep underground bases by the US together with other species and the moon's inner bases), that effect the light signal received by our pineal glands. Our pineal glands secrete a psychedelic substance (discovered in the Amazon jungle, DMT) that causes you to perceive a different frequency, enter another density, have an out of body experience. The pineal gland is covered with a calcified crystalline structure and this adds weight to the idea that it is a receiver-transmitter. It is important to note, that the behaviour of animals, fish and other creatures is changing and in some cases beings like the giant squid are becoming predatory, praying on humans in organised groups. Elements of an earlier Earth environment may well be emerging.

When in this altered state of consciousness, beings communicate with us to warn us about our Earth and what we can do to prevent disaster. This has been carried out under rigorous laboratory conditions by Dr. Rick Strassman in the 1990s. People who have experienced this extra-dimensional experience have met the same beings and have been given the same information throughout the world. Remote viewers have also had similar experiences and are trained in large teams under rigorous conditions by leading world authorities, to go anywhere in space and time, to report the experience during and after the event. It is worth noting that remote viewers have to prepare to accept that past, present and future does not exist in the 'sub-world' that time is all one, that the future has already happened. This explains how beings can show us our future.


Evolution the false flag

We seem to become anatomically modern 200,000 years ago, the establishment would have us believe that 35,000 years ago we became innovative and began to believe in life after what we call death. Supposedly an 'incident experience' changed our consciousness. High seismic activity can change the electro magnetic fields of the Earth which will affect our consciousness. Shaman throughout the world know of this phenomena.
This does not take into consideration the highly advanced civilization that existed prior to the biblical flood, that had advanced stone and metal technology, flight and atomic energy, artificial light, power storage, plasma cutting devices and gravity manipulation.
Also an advance race may well have genetically manipulated the hominid species more than once in creation chambers housed on Atlantis (centred in the Atlantic Ocean) and Mu (centred in the Pacific Ocean). Certainly evidence taken from Sumerian Stella and Tablets (7,000 BC) record this event. The ancient Indian Vedic civilization, the Assyrian, Hittite and Egyptian, Peruvian, Mayan and African civilizations also record these events in detail and house evidence of vast stone workings (including the pyramids of Cheops) that were built with this advance technology, in use 16,000 years ago and much earlier.
Advanced technology (Antikythera Mechanism) has been found inside fossilised rock and coal that demonstrates a detailed knowledge of the Solar System.
A detailed reconstruction is displayed at the American Computer Museum in Bozeman.

'The Gods made us in their image' Genesis Old Hebrew Testiment
The Sumerians appeared suddenly and understood all the key elements of civilization, law, agriculture, keeping records, education. In an earlier time, the Ubade farmers (before the Sumerians) created votive temple offerings that depict this advance race as Reptilians from the constellation of Draco. These little fired clay figures may be seen in the British Museum and I have found them in other museums around the world.
Sculptured Assyrian reliefs depict huge muscular beings often with the head of an animal bird or fish, carrying a bucket of celestial water in one hand, and a pine cone in the other. The Annunaki threatened us with death should we ever depict them as they were; this may be the reason for many figures that have altered transformed heads both in the Middle East and in Egypt. Mythological imagery may well be telling us about ancient events, suppression, induced fear, alien races and genetically manipulated diversity. The pine cone symbolises the pineal gland and this demonstrates our early knowledge of genetic modification by these beings. Symbolism continues today as the Pope wears the fish symbol on his head to reveal the underlying pagan foundation of the Vatican. The bishop's and Pope's mitre with its two points, represents the head of a fish. One species of the Reptillian Annunaki have had bases beneath the sea from ancient times, and still have today (ref: recent reports of activities at the Gulf of Aden). We may have confused the theory of Darwin's Evolution with our association with the sea and this alien race.

Certainly, everything is the product of everything in terms of atoms and further, electronically charged light particles. The indications are that we were brought hear as a hominid race, modified to serve the Annunaki as Homo Sapien Sapiens at a later time.
If The Annunaki (who unsurprisingly we called Gods) made us in their image, why do we not look more Reptilian? Adam and Eve were born after the 'Biblical' flood, seeded by ENKI (high ranking Annunaki) with a human woman who survived the flood. The foetus was transferred to the womb of Ninhursag (The Dragon Queen). This may be a simplistic way of describing a more complex process of the 'creation chamber' or laboratory. Adam (yet to be a powerful leader) and Eve, were said to have a scaly skin and other reptilian characteristics.

It has been established that there was an area in what is now Southern Iraq, which was naturally lush with plant life, that this natural oasis and habitat was surrounded by desert and barren land. This area was called Eden. The vast tracts of land that existed in the Atlantic and the Pacific prior to the great flood, were called Atlantis and Mu.
Mu was an Annunaki settlement, Atlantis housed many outside species including the Plaediens and the Nordic Annunaki. It is entirely possible that genetic modifications took place in these two great centres of the then known world. Many visiting species from different star systems contributed their genetics. We are therefore not the human race but the human races but we all have an equal right to be a part of the eco system we call Earth.

Globalists today refer to the African races as being not 'homo sapiens' (there is a bigger chromosome gap between our species than there is between ourselves and the chimpanzee, from which we did not descend. Even if this were true, while being an indication of our multiple origin, civilized people worldwide should never again allow a repeat of Nazi genocide as a hideous convenience of an elite few, seeking population reduction and a godlike global control. Hidden racist agendas abound and citizens worldwide have to be vigilant and protect the equal rites of all.
Hitler's scientists and engineers back engineered alien space craft and were flying ant-gravity drive ships (recorded on film) in the 1930's. Their fixation on the 'Arian' race, of tall blue eyed, blond haired stereotypes being the perfect, purist human form of life, epitomises the appearance of the Nordic Annunaki and the Pleaedians (who still live amongst us today). Hitler and his regime were driven by an Annunaki hybrid bloodline, created to rule as the first kings (see the king list) and who today rule throughout the world and control banking empires, including some of the worlds most wealthy families. Our lower brain 'the 'R' complex is a residue of our genetic intervention.

We are a blend of different species, a hybrid-hybrid, we are part reptilian (our lower brain mass, the 'R' or Reptilian complex, the tail residue and gill formation at the foetal stage); we have to accept fearlessly who and what we are, we have to continue to define our greater humanity! We have to put all our energy into fighting domination, suppression and annihilation in this fabricated war on terrorism that is cunningly directed towards us, a 'drip by drip' long enduring plan to have total control over us as the Germans did the Jews. Major incidents have been and are being staged to install a false perception in the public to perceive a threat on our safety in cities, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, oil leaks, bombings, and sabotaging peaceful protest marches are manipulated even initiated as false global warming signals, population control and stealth warfare. Once the population are persuaded that factions (often planted) endanger the public welfare, homeland security, it is a short stem to marshal law and the unwitting deployment of all uniformed personnel against their own community. We stand right on the edge of this treacherous and hideous development. Such a scenario exactly matches the Annunaki plan for the people of Earth, by their own declaration, a drip by drip poisoning of our whole way of life, the means of our survival, removed by stealth in order to subjugate us then annihilate us. Without knowing it, we are a part of an ancient struggle for possession of the Earth by non-human entities and are being manipulated by their hybrid agents in human form. Secret Societies who practice blood sacrifice to allow them into our density are integrated with politics, the military, the church, the media and even local councils under carefully sanitised names.

It has been said that we would be safe from the intervention of a malevolent species as long as we remain separate from them or compromise our safety by exchanging their advanced technology for their infiltration into us. That has now happened, treatise have been signed that allow 'The Greys' to abduct at will for genetic experimentation, but those taken to be returned unharmed, their memory of the event erased. This led to a 'runaway' scenario resulting in a massive amount of abductions, serious disfigurement, victims being missing or returned lifeless. Some are taken as part of a hybridisation programme and for the purposes of combining their race with our through insemination, some of this agenda is taking place in the Alien/human seven layer base beneath Dulce Airport in New Mexico.
Abductions are also being carried out by human agents and millions have disappeared particularly in war zones.

Human mothers are often returned to view their half alien offspring, they are asked to nurture them as this is a human quality they want to possess. The feature film 'Fire in the Sky' is an accurate portrayal of such an event and is worth watching.
Genetic information gathering is being carried out globally on a vast scale by the 'Greys' or 'Ebons' some exist in the fourth density but are able to travel between the time planes. Currently, Space vehicles of many kinds are swarming around the Earth, they are here partly because our combined consciousness has invited them here. Others will play a predestined part in our future. The Reptilians (who are trapped in the fourth density) are manifested through occult rituals and blood sacrifices. These ceremonies are being carried out on a daily basis around the world, they are related to the occult and directly link the times of ancient Babylon and the Annunaki, with modern Industrial Military Globalist networks. The Annunaki (interdimensionals) are at the top of the pyramid of command and it is they who require the sacrifices. The greatest Kings and Queens throughout our lengthy history have had to serve these greater masters, and still do today. Some of these figureheads and wealthy families are themselves hybrids, more reptilian than you or I, they find it hard to hold human form and fear the awakening of our consciousness and the emerging forth density in which they reside as they will be revealed.


The Secret hybrid war

Genetically altered or mutated species are appearing from deep underground tunnel systems and have been recorded. Species are appearing that perhaps have until now lived in the depths of the sea, and some that have never been recorded before. The age of giant humanoid species is being recorded and humanoid skeletons 34 feet high have been found in Southern Iraq. They were the result of interbreeding between the Nephelim (Annunaki hybrid) and human women. In the time of the Grand Council of the Annunaki, ENKI and ENLIL battle over the Sumerians being given 'the knowledge'. They also argued fiercly over the leader Noah having advanced warning of the flood. It is said that the Annunaki caused the flood, it is more believable that their planet Niberu caused the event by its close counter orbit of the Earth (every 3600 years) The dinosaurs (there is evidence that we existed as a civilised race even before they appeared and that we were contemporary with them) do not seem to have been designed for this eco system, more a part of a gigantic experiment.
I have not foreclosed on the powerful concept that although there may well have been manipulating species, that there is a powerful cosmic genetic force that comes from the central black hole of every galaxy. These waves of information containing interactive light may be seen radiating at 62 million year intervals like the layers of an onion. We are now receiving the beginnings of a new light wave that is instructing our DNA.

It is worth noting that their is a greater genetic progressive difference between ourselves now and those that lived 3,000 years before Christ, than there is between those humans and the Neanderthals. That is overall our development is speeding up as a species, together with all the many trillions of species in other solar systems, in other galaxies including those that have created their own interstellar domains. How this works in other densities (dimensions) we may be soon to discover in the oneness of humanity.

Manipulation of Earth

The hominid may have been brought here along with animals, birds, insects, plants as a part of a regenerated terraforming of the Earth following great change in the Earth's surface, by several extra terrestrial species. The result of this may will be that we are not the human race but the human races. There are several chromosomes separating human species, more than the 1.2 that separate us from the chimpanzee (a completely separate species). The Neanderthals were cultured, skilled craftspeople, could they have been terminated as a species not appropriate for the genetic blend required for a successful slave race?
The Earth may have been seeded by a dying race in a panspermia mission to sustain their species, however there is one important factor to take into account. Extensive research has revealed that there is insufficient time for the evolution of the human species to have happened hear on Earth. Periods of Temporal climate may last for 12,000 years followed by an ice age of 90,000 years. In the absence of species intermediary fossil findings, the notion that evolution has happened but not on Earth, is an idea not to be ignored.


The greatest cosmic event of our lifetimes

It is an awesome possibility that rays due to come from the black hole at the centre of our galaxy may contain information that will set us on a new course, produce a new time scale in a changed density, change our perception of reality and give us a complete understanding of our unity with the Earth and everything that we perceive and touch.
We may be absorbed into this new density in a way that the individual becomes less important than the karma of the whole. The realisation that our concept of death speaks only of the loss felt by those of those left in the physical realm, that the spirit, soul is central to our being, that this life will be capable of being more than human, that is linked with many existences through time, lives outside the body-computer and is eternal.
In the past, powerful nations have colonised other countries we even today talk about colonising space as if it existed solely for our benefit. We are entering an entirely remarkable new human era, our rising consciousness imbues us with the extra dimensional realisation that we do not exist only of and for ourselves, that we have always shared the cosmic community with countless others who may have different needs to ourselves. To be truly human is to realise that you have no boundaries in the fourth density, that you have to take with you all that is heaven, leaving hell behind us'
Those that would make of us a hell have to be apposed for they would keep us in this density if they could, they would divide us, isolate us, take away our children, make prison cities and extermination camps in their cremation of care.
We understand the function of but a small part of our DNA. 97% is not understood, derisively named junk DNA by scientists. We use only a fraction of our brain potential and we may have been designed to be upgraded many times through millions of years and are at the very beginning of our journey of expansion from without but essentially within. We are soon to discover a knowledge of the underlying unity of all there is.


Immediate danger

This natural progression in our understanding has been prevented from the times of Babylon, and is still being prevented today. People generally are not aware of the danger they are in, the loss of sovereignty, national identity, manipulated and eroded economies, artificial viruses, massive chem-trail programme, stealth implanting, erosion of the family unit, militarization of schools (remember the Hitler Youth) and the power to arrest and enter your home given in reserve to all uniformed personnel including traffic wardens.

In a true democracy, it is the right of all to enjoy freedom of speech, even to protest as a group, without being called a dissident, radical or domestic extremist, so look what has happened under the false flag of terrorism. Pre-planned disasters outrage the population, justify missions of war and the extraction of wealth from the people to fuel the military.
People have been deliberately lulled into a false sense of wellbeing with an emphasis on the ephemeral and the human appetite. We have to work with each other as we did after the second world war. In this case it is before the war on us begins! Accept our differences, realise our unity as a global species, teach the politicians that war and hostility of any kind is not an option that we will no longer tolerate it. Preserve your National identity autonomy and right to play a part in decisions that have eroded true democracy, family life, health and uncontaminated education of our children. Be strong, against dictatorship and domination. You are only free when you realise that you already are - at the moment.

Here is a shock that challenges everything you have been told, one of awe and beauty.
There are many species of 'Grey' (Ebon) extraterrestrial and many have crashed here on Earth or have been shot down by us. Area 51 sub area S4, houses around a hundred captured 'Greys' within the five level station inside the mountain.
Regardless of their appearance, they have the same genetics as we do! Dr. DBC Burisch is a listed micro-biologist, a member of the Los Angeles Microscopical Society.
Between 1984 and 1996 he work closely with an individual Grey called 'JRod', he took over 200 tissue samples from this being. He developed a telepathic communication with JRod, and established a friendship. The being declared that he had a wife and daughter that he missed very much.
JRod informed Dr. Burisch that he was suffering from a neurological neuropathy, a degenerative disease. He transmitted that he had come here in order to repair this condition; what happened next was astounding!

He communicated that he, a JRod (one of many) and the T52 Orions, had come from their timeline 52,000 years in the future, that in 52,000 years time, we will become like them!
He continued to relate that something big happened in our timeline that changed our DNA. Is it not astounding that they are here at the very moment of current detectable genetic changes that are affecting not only all other species on Earth, but on all the other planets too?
The Greys have a long standing treatise with some leading powers, to develop existing alien bases on Earth allegedly as an outpost. When you consider the enormous scale of these developments now taking place throughout the world, vast human and human/alien genetic programes, the wholesale use of human slaves 20,000 in one base alone, including 18,000 aliens, also mind-controlled cloned humans that are being sent out into the world, the ','something big that in our timeline changed our DNA' may be being at least partly affected by what we are allowing to happen right now on our planet.

We have created our own race of humans that are totally controllable and who look identical; clones can be grown from a single foetus without the involvement of a woman, brought up entirely in laboratory conditions so that controlled memories can be implanted. Thousands of experiments have been carried out with every conceivable fusion of human, alien and animal. Many are still alive and many that have failed are stored cryogenically. Implants are inserted not only in these laboratories but in the public sector, without consent.

These administrations are concerned that you should not know that you have a spirit as that impedes their processes and agendas. This then declares with great clarity that we do have a cosmic connection that extends beyond this physical realm and beyond all manner of religious belief systems we all have within us something extremely powerful and united that has a purpose.
It is time to commit to the most courageous act that we have ever been faced with, that of defending on behalf of our children, the living spirit of humanity.

Find your voices and written words - now and read the signs

Time to welcome our genetic changes, our awakening to a new spiritual world of unity, cooperation and love between all. This is what has actually been planned for us if we are prepared to change and step into the light. Heed well the warning in this text and wake up right now to what is happening around you.


Recommended reading:

Genesis and the Grail Kings by Laurence Gardener. ISBN 0-553-81774-4.

Forbidden Archaeology – Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson – Bhaktivedanta Institute - Though out of print, this leading and fundamentally academic text may be sourced through It is a hefty volume for the serious researcher looking for evidence of a megalithic, high tech civilization.

Ancient Traces – Mysteries in Ancient and Early History – Michael Baigent – Penguin

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