Medium:Archival print (unframed)

Size (h x w):88cm x 68cm



Cat. Number:734

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Ropewalker - Behind the Mask

The term Ropewalker has a Native American connotation. Ropewalker is conceived as an entity, a state of mind or a pathway. Images depict our inner world, symbols of eternity, sleep, transition, meditation and cosmic pathways.

The astrological chart of Leonardo da Vinci, 'Nude descending the stairs' painted by Marcel Duchamp refer to the visual arts while evoking the metaphysical. The central profile in the Native American headdress belongs to Picasso; it questions the artist's perception of himself.

The sleeping man symbolises the eternal cosmos, regression, projection. The Diablo is an interface between two worlds or time planes, the inner with the outer, the subconscious with the conscious, a transition from birth through death to birth, from an immeasurable, unknowable origin that through a point of infinity expands to regain infinity in the singularity of time.

Human identity, the extension and repression of self, the ropewalker follows a tenuous path towards a centered state of being. Circus figures depict a state of balance; the timeless clock suspends reference to our linear interpretation of time. The clock has lost all meaning; an ancient forgotten symbol that though apparently inanimate, exudes an energy, which touches the cosmic.

A painting palette used by an ancient Mayan painter carries astronomical symbols. The talismans of ying and yang, references to the coiled snake of eternity and the 'Eden tree', the hawk of Egyptian tomb painting play a part in this work.

Human identity, the extension and repression of self, the 'ropewalker' follows a tenuous path towards a centered state of being through an endless pathway, a dimensional space-time continuum.

Ropewalker (68cm wide by 88.2cm wide) is an archival limited edition print made with lightfast pigment inks on 305gsm etching paper. Your print will be signed and editioned by the artist and design permitting, will be emboss-stamped by Lantern Studios.
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