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In Celebration of Old Hat

In Celebration of Old Hat

In Celebration of Old Hat

Modernism gave some an opportunity to make a bit of
texture a virtue in its own right.  They felt exhilarated,
Participating in nature and their own nature.

People live within a group influence, fashionable
expectation, falling in love with a bit of texture.
They have a ‘bit of texture’ expectation becoming
acclimatised to it.  The new radical becomes the new

Quick fix art celebrates a release from long hours of
study, disciplined application, progressive analysis,
orchestration of elements, the questioning of perception
and reaction, cross-fertilization of traditional skills.
In such a release, even Picasso’s bits of texture
seem to be a quick fix.

Such things have been thought to be ‘Old Hat’, but in
a world slowly realising its whole-world consciousness,
modernism and post-modernism has historic value
but is confined to regional perception.

An old hat disgarded by one, may be worn with joy by
another.  The transitory, cyclical fashion of the hat,
like drawing, has endless use; simply a part of the
human gesture.

Surely in art, it is the spirit of each new wearer
that counts, it is what is done within each hat that
excites new meaning, new striving, a sense and
celebration of life!

It is not wrong to reject inherited techniques, all the
better from a position of strength once you have been
given the opportunity to learn them!

Influence and tradition are inescapable –
like originality, part of our cosmic journey made



                                                           Zacron 2006

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