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Rethinking the Process

Rethinking the Process







Rethinking the Process



I wanted to start with an infinite space that represented a

dimension beyond its boundaries.

  I began to meditate upon historic visual influences

that resonated, seemed to leap forward in time.


I found that ancient art used space,

form and shape in a way that retained immense stature.

Part of me had to re-run history, an analytical process that while

building a new mechanism for producing fine art, was

also a marketing process, that left no

stone unturned.  In dissolving all prejudice, that fine art

and commerce make a perfect blend, I felt Andy Warhol

who I had met in New York, to be a kindred spirit.

Commerce simply provides a facility that does

nothing to undermine the creative process as long

as it is respected and nurtured by the facilitators.


After scrutinising the way various subjects were depicted in

different parts of the world, it became apparent that

there were universal themes but extraordinary changes of

style peculiar to each region.  Much western art, though highly

sophisticated and accomplished, contained a perpetuation of

status, glorying in great visions as if to have ownership

of them.  Images made as part of the living process

may be closer to our growing sense of self.

Art as a human ecology feeds the spirit of

the individual, it is a constant reminder that

fundamentally we are free; to supress our art

is to suppress our rightful and natural freedom.


It is wrong to even imply that the destruction of tradition

is of itself virtuous, culturally desirable, indispensably

fashionable.  A wish to feel renewed, to redefine creativity,

experience new modes of expression relative to a new time,

can never be wrong.  Without the legacy of history,

which is our rightful inheritance, change for the sake of

change is isolated, unconsolidated, simply vacuous.


If the young greet experiences with a fresh reaction, then surely

they will have their own unique perspective of history

- it will be theirs to reject, accept or change.


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