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The Gallery queue St Martins Lane London - The Home of The Musical Oliver 1961 Collection the Artist

The Gallery queue St Martins Lane London - The Home of The Musical Oliver 1961 Collection the Artist

Medium:Graphite on Engres Paper

The Gallery Queue St, Martin's Lane London - Home of the Musical Oliver 1961

The drawing was made at the beginning of my association with Oliver The Musical written by Lionel Bart. I became romantically envolved with West End Theatres and spent many nights drawing in the dressing rooms of the stars.  A complete set of equipement was stored on top of several wardrobes so that I could continue making studies as each performer came off stage. I had to time my work to the structure of the musical.

Danny Sewell played Bill Sykes, Georgia Brown played Nancy, Paul Witson Jones (who used to throw his shoes at me) played Mr Bumble. Oliver was played by Keith Hamshire, Peter Frampton, who was to emerge at a vertuoso guitarist, played the Artfull Dodger.

Ron Moody the accomplished multi talented actor played the Undertaker and Fagin was played by Barry Humphries, later to be Dame Eda Everidge. I spend much time in his dressing room and found him to be hilarious company, other actors who shared the room laughed so much, they found it difficult to go on stage and to compose themselves.

This drawing depicts The Gallery Queue which ran the length of St Martins Lane.  Stools where layed out to make your wait more comfortable.  The Queue was eventually disbanded and became a historic memory.  I was steeped in the atmosphere of London as night set in, the street lights glowed and the wonderfull atmosphere of threatre life beconed.

I understudied the clarinet part and sat in to play when required. I would stand in the Royal box in full regalia during the anthem when the whole autitorium would look up in a worshipfull silence!   People would be a little puzzled when they realized that here was a member of the Royal Family that was new to them, hower in good faith, adoration was poured upon the fantasies of an artist.

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