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Be the child you are

Be the child you are

Medium:Address to Members of The Psychic Network

Be the Child You Are - But Take the Power Back into Your Own Hands




Address by Zacron to Members of the Psychic Network

So much has been done covertly to divide us around the world and within our own communities, in the name of religion and in the name of secretive brotherhoods that pretend to be on opposite sides while clandestinely joining forces behind the scenes to literally plan wars, manipulate economies and populations. Not everyone is who they seem to be and a time is coming when they will be unable to hold their deception together.


Taking control

What has this got to do with art I hear you wonder? Well, now, more than ever in our histories as I understand them, we have to express our true feelings and stand up for who we really are (even though of course we are still finding out!) We have allowed others to steer the ship for too long until our voices are no longer really heard. As an individual, do you feel censored, restricted, unable to peacefully protest, ask vital questions, protect your families?

In more liberating times you got a thrill out of joining a group of friends dressed in experimental way-out clothes, you didn't care about what other people thought, it was all so nicely dangerous, you even enjoyed a few moments of stardom. If other people disagreed with your ideas it was fun to thrash it all out and end up splitting your sides with laughter!

These days if you say that you like abstract art, you may still receive comments from some that you are a bit dotty or weird not realising that everything will have been abstracted from something.   If you mention the name 'Jesus Christ' many will back off, show you the door, thinking you are part of some extremist group or even that you have Satanist tendencies.  The new climate is Orwellion, secrecy, less comittement, faith has become stigmatised.
We have to grow our own freedom

We have lost the freedom to be extreme, to declare our passions for life or even after-life! Are you able to say that you are not worried about the mainstream political parties?
Can you take your own position on all things, quite fearless of opposition from others?

Perhaps the one honest thing, education must do is to give us strength, confidence and the freedom to cultivate ourselves and have access to knowledge without prejudice!

Many have lost the ability to speak using a wide range of words also a well structured grammar instead,  little sound-bites and clichés have replaced conversation.  We live our lives scrambling from one 'opinion' to another without giving ourselves time to do our own research and get nearer to the truth.

We have very subtly been conditioned into feeling that our individual ideas have little importance.

How can we enjoy such independence without the tools of communication, real belief in ourselves.  Art makes a vital link between people, an universal language that need not rely on the spoken or written languages, free from class prejudice, racial prejudice and gender prejudice.  Religious prejudices abound in history from ancient to the present times
This freedom even in art and in all things, has to come from within ourselves, we have to liberate ourselves.
The excitement and joy, the great challenge, even when doing the simplest drawing or any creative act, is to draw and create without prejudice, without feeling dictated to, without fear of the opinions of others.

Our condemnation of other races of different ethnic groups on the grounds that they  worship different Gods, follow a different creeds or holy texts, make different life changing interpretations, is indeed primitive, even primordial.  If we came here with our genetics modified by the Reptilians and other races from different star systems, then we carry those differences (the division of tongues).  Even in this present age we carry a dark and a light side within ourselves.  We have been literally trapped within the third density just as the Reptilians are trapped with the lower forth density (vibration level).

So for us after a period of 3,600 years, to find ourselves being awakened into a new consciousness, a fifth density beyond Reptilian control, that beams of light are eradiating us from the centre of the galaxy, that is changing not only our DNA, but the behaviour of animals and other species too, it is incredible, truly fantastic, the powers of the universe without the divisions of religion.  Not the New World Order, but the New Age of Humans!
Truth and Courage

Already, there are those who will say that this does not apply to them, that they are in full control.
You can read this within the privacy of your own heart, the whole point is that you are not being asked to make a confession, just to look at the elements that may have held you back or may be restricting you now.  Through Art and Creativity I try to explore a celebration and love of life while at the same time touching on some of the real difficulties that all of us face at some time in our lives. 

Modernism and Post Modernism helped to reassess the old established values of status, class division, wealth, romantic stereotypes of beauty and an adherence to literary classicism.  People were given the freedom to find their own values, their own sense of 'reality' even to shock an already punch-drunk public, fed a diet of depressing but controlled news, exploitative gratuitous films and radically dehumanising comedy, all in all, an updated 'Colliseum' of novelties usually at the expense of somebody else! 

Post Modernism however, created its own elitism, sense of privilege, insularity, controls, prejudices, amidst narrow brainwashed teaching that lacked  technical skills, tools for survival in society.  Post Modernism in Art Education, condemned historic influeces while 'cherry picking' from the Surrealists, Dada for example and serving up old formulas in new clothes to the dictates of a few wealthy collectors.

It is not an easy thing to help people to be empowered as each individual has to want to develop, to see that their lives can be better, so much better. You can try a very valuable route, to simply pick up a brush and some paint and allow it to take you on a journey. In doing this, you are reinventing the child within you, joining with the child you were to find the child you still are.  Painting is only one creative process and of course there are many others equally as valid.  You have to master your craft to a point where it becomes fluid.

An artist recently said 'I am a non-interllectual artist', is that working without a brain?

Some will protest that they are adult and have left their childhood behind and this is an important area for further writing. Children are often manipulated and underestimated, this continues into adulthood creating an entrenched problem that some are ill equipped to rectify and to expand from.
To except that you need a little or a lot of help from others is a gigantic and courageous step indeed.  It is like admitting you are lonely and then striving to populate your life.

Making art is not unlike a relationship, it required nurturing, feeding, stimulation, self belief, the strength to reach out beyond yourself, to work at it even when you are feeling weak.

We all have the potential to be a creative in one way or another, there should be no hierarchy, and no creative approach should ever be thought of as more important than any other.  No art-form is more important than any other: no human gesture is any more important than any other. When you strive for the light, you will grow to a new consciousness and a new holistic universal acceptance.

Set yourself free

Even the most diverse garden has a perimeter, limitations of terrain, water established obstacles.
The Classical Japanese garden, while paying homage to mighty stones, performs a ritual creative act, that of raking the ground in a way that interacts with the stones to create a holistic experience.  These stones represent our Earth, The act of raking the ground, represents the journey of our many lives as a part of all the cosmos.

Everything you do, everything you create every thought, every action, can be a step into the light, a step into your light.
Lets begin -


Title drawing - Detail from a large lithograph
'Between Heaven and Earth from the house of Skies'
The first fine art print to be produced by Ordnance Survey
the founding of the 'New Visioaries' 1978

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