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From Romance - The New Radical

From Romance - The New Radical







From Romance - The New Radical



I produced an elaborate work entitled ‘Window on London’.

The work, which was produced using trompe l’oeil painting

and multi-layered collage, contained panels

dedicated to a retrospective spirit of England.

Painted within the frame of a window with lace curtains,

it was exhibited at the Royal Academy where it drew

the attention of Peter Blake.  It was purchase by Jimmy Page.


Art students armed with rollers, masking tape, spray guns

and silk screens, looked across the Atlantic; it was a time

for experiment.  Close-cropped heads, seersucker jackets,

tapered denims and trainers became the uniform of the

intellectual radical.  Paradoxically, some rock stars

retained long hair and flowing robes, becoming a

separatist elite; gurus and divas of a

high culture – untouchable.


Distance preserved the idolized celebrity.

Nobody famous could live next door until they moved out!

The pared-down world of tribally pierced street group

and a new generation of anger had yet to arrive.


My ancient stone studio was in the Yorkshire Dales

where lightning carved trenches in the hard ground.

My rejection of a lectureship, the straitjacket of an

unworldly educational regime, came as a catharsis.

Like so many after the sixties, I felt like a cultural orphan

and needed to rejoin my gut-route of creative energy.


I had to strip visual language of its contrived layers,

investigate the history and meaning of images,

research their fabrication from the primitive to the

modern hybrid emerging through an equally

diverse technology.



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