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Zacron - Childhood

Zacron - Childhood





Introducing some of the

creative influences leading to a complex

multi-media image production, that initiated

Psychedelic Surrealism, influenced

Led Zeppelin, the world’s number one

rock group in 1970, and developed into

a new era of multi-media printmaking

now asserting its own path in the

Global art market.




Our childhoods rubbed shoulders with musicians and artists

destined to be great but did we know it at the time?


In 1959 two prophetic poems appeared in a Surrey

school magazine.  As a young artist Zacron described the

power of light and countryside.  The second poem

‘The Battle Cry’ was written by a boy whose guitar would

‘Speak to the driving energies in me’

his name was Eric Clapton.


The silent school-rooms of the 40’s and 50’s, the incessant

drone of radio dance music, constricted social behaviour,

impelled restless minds.


I escaped to a more romantic pageant

absorbed in drawing, page after page.

You could fly a Tiger Moth, row a Viking longboat;

animals and birds shared their spirit through

the depiction of them.  Costumed figures were cut out

to populate the room, puppetry in all its forms elicited

a sense of magic.  Old paintings became best friends;

I pored over the Pre-Raphaelites and gloried in

their relentless detail.


We stroked the unaffordable anatomy of electric guitars

poised like surgical tools in a South London music shop.

Clapton, Page, the Rolling Stones included.



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