Canal at Kings Lynn - A homage to the historic town in North Norfolk

Canal at Kings Lynn - A homage to the historic town in North Norfolk

Medium:Archival digital photograph


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Canal at Kings Lynn North Norfolk

A homage to the historic town in North Norfolk

Channels of history lead you to the waters edge

A stone square sits as proudly as Colonial America

White painted windows, iron knockers, medieval beams

The ghost of marine trade lies quietly

Its mighty anchors retired from a life of plunging into waves

Towering buoys stacked as giant bee hives

Their attendant Ropes and chains

Make a marriage for rust and barnacles a feast for the eye

Floating towers for bells and lights the tools of navigation

All say one word in windy whispers - estuary

To retreat into the shelter of the old town is to pass through time

A man carries the last of the bread above his head

Apron tied roughly, a cloth linen cap, his boots clatter on the cobbles

Candles at the windows, fleeting faces press the misted glass

An iron hoop escapes a rough hewn town boy

Laughter bounces from walls

Here in twists of streets are the high warehouse hooks

The biscuit red bricks, bands of flint make merry in the soft sun

Now as the quiet of night descends, golden light filters from the water

In all our short history of so many joys and catastrophes

Towering dwellings remain meeting places for the departed

Until the chatter of a new day stirs to proliferate in games of chance

The soft satin water, transient and never still

Is a timeless jewel that mingles with the reeds and briars

To peer into its clouds is to enter the sky of inner Earth

The water rises and enters uninvited a silent war with stout hearts

The beauty of Kings Lynn lives on to grace a new century

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