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Made during a recent experdition to London. This is part of a new series that evokes a sense of the universal plight of human beings. We face iminent forces of great evil and destruction from the very people we blindly charged with our protection.

We are sleep walking, imitative, conditioned, poisoned from the skies, our systems deliberately erroded, and massively infiltrated from within and still we do nothing.

We must wake up for the sake of our children as together we are strong. Our force for survival is in our voices, our questions repeatedly asked.  Uncover the truth.

You can be a peace-seeking voice against the biggest deception the world has ever known. Families need parents and the Earth needs you - right now.

Let the change begin! When you have read this and not a second later.
May the one true God protect you and all good people in the oneness of humanity.

Remember, every word counts, every action counts, every prayer counts. If you think of ourselves as seperate entities, we are weak.

Together as one we are strong, this is partly what is meant by 'The Awakening' our rise to a new consciousness and a new Earth.

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