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Dream Fragments 2.8.10

Dream Fragments 2.8.10

Medium:Pen and ink on paper Study 635


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Dream Fragments 2.8.10 Study 625


In continuing this exploration through drawing, it is important to rethink

the overall approach, that is to begin in a different way and to closely watch

how the work evolves.  Incongruous, strange, unfamiliar, sometimes violent

or threatening shapes and interacting shapes play an essential part in breaking

away from easy habbits and stereotypes, also presumed aesthetics.

You become aware of eclectic influences from the work of fellow artists that have

made a deep impression.  Picasso, Klee, Appel, come readily to mind and so do

other influences from the ancient world like Inca cities (and their Martian equivelant)

and early depictions of space visitors found on the walls of caves.

I am facinated by the way diagramatic and geometric forms become animated faces,

and the form of a bird, fish, hominid, plant, child, become visible with the addition

of just a few precise lines.


The moncromatic world of black and white is free from indescriminate colour, leaing the

eye to descern subtle contours, changing rythms and implied forms.

The drawing opens the way to further exploration because it is not comfortable,

it breaks from polyphony into a combination of sillhouette, and interaction.


The emotions touch on imperious dignity, and calm, to vulnerability and fear.

Comment by Anna Horton, Animal Conservationist and Consultant (USA)
'What a fascinating piece! For some reason it reminds me of past lives and ancient languages.'

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