Rosie Mackenzie launches a new approach to colour - Zacron meets the artist

Rosie Mackenzie launches a new approach to colour - Zacron meets the artist


Rosie Mackenzie launches a new approach to colour


I first saw the work of Rosie Mackenzie in the diploma show
of City College in Norwich Norfolk. Her sculptural forms were
outstanding, they had an underlying simplicity and a purity.
The overall quality of work at City Collage was very high and the
great variety of techniques, full of life, the overall impact was stunning.


Mackenzie's sculpture stood out. Layered towers and forms ingeniously
built in sequences from card and paper, where grouped with dignity.
It wasn't difficult to imagine these towers on a vast scale like rising
structures from a metropolis in Blade Runner.
Some forms became shell-like, perhaps unknown species from distant worlds.
Each piece was of a neutral colour that celebrated the natural qualities of
materials without applying additional colour.


We met and engaged in an animated conversation about the potential of her
work. I was impressed by her responsiveness and openness to new ideas,
also I detected energy and a great sense of humour.
Since that time the artist has been awarded a BA Honours Degree in Visual
Studies in July 2008, she was awarded a BA Honours degree in Mathematics
and Computing by The Open University in 1985.


I met up with Rosie Mackenzie at The Playhouse in Norwich in July 2010.
There I found the same energy the same sense of life and some very different
but not unrelated work. To enter the exhibition was to be injected into a world
of colour, derived from multi faceted dodecagonal forms transcribed into
computer generated mazes of layered colour.


I was reminded of the work of Bernard Cohen in the 1960s who's worm-like
forms took you on a layered journey. Mackenzie's colour, touches a nerve with
Friedensreich Hundertwasser a Swiss Artist who portrays landscape subjects as
two dimensional map-like forms which include Climpt-like cartouches and
motifs in a Nordic Nouveau style, often with touches of gold-leaf.


We discussed the Science of Chaos, The Mandelbrot Set, and fractal basin
boundaries, the forms of which appear in the work above, (see also the details).

We also shared an interest in Sacred Geometry from pre-Babylon to its use in
modern sosciety.

Rosie Mackenzie is set to do great things in the world of art, and she has currently
brought energy and life to her handling of colour which has cosmic rythms.

Zacron 2010


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Recomended - Sacred Geometry Philosophy and Practice

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Photography - ArtShot International

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