Dining in the sky

Dining in the sky


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Dining in the sky


This enticed ritual of suspension
As if all life happens outside the act
We are trapped by a designed need to eat

Dressed up to bring it into our pleasure zone
We pour over lists of things to be put into mouths
Washed down with fermented grapes
No longer the smell of cork
Not a toe nail in site

Special water outside the specter of contamination
Fresh lemon and lime devoid of chemicals
The rule of nouveau cuisine
The less you eat the more you pay
Blessed by the hallo of a large plate

All is so little if not shared
Do not sit like condemned prisoners
Nothing to say - all has been said
All has been felt or never was
All passion drained through repetition

You will never know this face that faces you
You will never know yourself
The human spirit is unfathomable
It is insuppressible
Its mind has wings

Love is an old being in a young body
For all of life sits at this table
Dining in the sky

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