Zacron with fellow photographer David Bailey - Beatles to Bowie - Norwich Castle May 2010

Zacron with fellow photographer David Bailey - Beatles to Bowie - Norwich Castle May 2010

Zacron with Bailey - Beatles to Bowie Exhibition

A striking exhibition that captivates an era, a reminder of the youthfull appearence of leading performers in the music industry and how far we have come from those times.

It is interesting that during the sixties, sensual qualities of both the feminine and masculine gender were celebrated, not percieved as exploitation as they are in the twenty first century. Post war Britain was ready to be romanced, dynamic creativity from the north, arrested our consciousness, breaking through our staltification like shattered glass.  Celebrity was magical, glamorous and untouchable, rock stars became 'the people's royalty' a distraction from the mundane that allowed people to project beyond themselves and to feel empowered by superhuman qualities.

Music that had real quality and soul prevailed through the less lyrical seventies to resurface in the eighties.  Some by sheer hard work are still performing today, a strange desperate parody of those enigmatic years that still draws the crowds.  As with visual art, it is a falicy to feel it essential to sustain a style for the purposes of public recognition. It is not even about reinventing yourself but continuing a genuine creative process.

While stereotypes feign danger and machoism, the real challenge is in following your own unique path without fear of controversy and the invidious pressure of acceptance from soscial cliques and conformists.


The exhibition was organised by the National Portrait Gallery and was also shown at Norwich Castle and Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service gratfully acknowledges the generous support of East Anglia Art Fund.

Photography - ArtShot International

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