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A Letter to a friend 1

A Letter to a friend 1

Medium:Photograph - Brick Lane Spitalfields London



How often have I said that to you, that the internet is a valuable library but there is a difference between opinion and fact.

Since we both have those powers of discernment, Its not an issue for us Therefore I want to maintain a level where we just send Items to be looked at for interest, education, entertainment, Spirituality, philosophy and many other elements.

Regarding my special 30 year research into certain serious studies into the true origin of Mankind, I carry out the same procedures as any other highly informed specialist does, what you refer to is par for the course. I collate a diverse range of facts with evidence to back them up and move forward into some pretty exciting territory with a passion. I do meet people with a similar passion and that is terrific. I often say out loud and in a public address that opinions are cheap; go and do the research, then return for an informed discussion.

So many people are not really grasping life and show little interest in anything, they are lazy and conform to a playground, mock intellectual sniggering, even anger. I keep away from such people as they delay progress and discovery, generating a great stultifying blindness. Many do not know how to direct themselves into using their time on Earth.

Vast amounts of people just react to the moment as their parents did. When you show them the truth, and I do mean the truth, they merely retreat into the brainwashing movie, full of spoon-fed conditioning. It has been happening to my knowledge for 6000 years.

In order to survive in the form we are now, we have to break through that web of deception Including self deception, the comfort zone, and realize what we have to do to survive through the changes that are already happening.

The site I sent to you is not a pleasant one but it is extensive and goes beyond the so-called news and news papers. It may contain opinions, good, as we need to listen to the voices of others and what is behind them.

The broken skull of a child is not an opinion but a devastating event. It could be ourselves and I share the grief of those around them. We are coming close to the time when it could be ourselves if we do not fully awaken. We have to realise that we are all one spirit and can connect just like the Greys (Ebons) who have the same genetics as ourselves.

The next level is upon us, we either rise to meet it, or sink back into the old level of being a manipulated drone. In all things, even in acts of violence, there is a prayer, a hope, a challenge for us to see the insanity of our behavior, to grow into the ways of peace and love. For war and fear, those old reptilian intrusions into our mind must be cast out; then we will realize that together in love and respect for the Earth, we are strong.


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