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Who will you be

Who will you be

Who will you be when you are born
My child who knows me from afar
What do you feel as you lay in need
Of warmth, of wind and sun

For you have already grown
And traveled so far to worlds
Beyond the bubble of our universe
Your forevers but one flashing light

You remember me, my frail hopes
My dream of you
That you might be born
Is it me that will deserve you?

Child of the stars
Child of the burning light
Child of peacefulness
Child of immortal understanding

As I gather up my troubles
No more than a pile of sticks
As I scorn and rant
Burn my brow with furrows

Do you see me as I gaze from my window
Do you float me to bed
Do you hold me, surround me
When living, I feel more dead

You will gaze up at the stars
And wonder just what they are
Your ancient companions
That spin a web

Your time is not my time
Until we are just one
Severed by a troubled Earth
Our lives not quite begun

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