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We are both the water and the bridge

We are both the water and the bridge

We are both the water and the bridge


We are at a stage in our cosmological history when our very survival depends on our acting with a global unity, not only to survive natural threats, but in order to be strong when the very real threat of military globalization and complete loss of any freedom we had may occur in the very near future.

There are many societies and the expression of affection and warmth, including courtesies, varies around the world, even within your own country.
The control of people through money and taxes can certainly be traced from Roman times.  The change of our calender away from the cosmological natural rhythms and the continuous editing of the bible in order to suppress the knowledge of our Reptilian modifications and the many Terra-forming visitors who have farmed the Earth and who we called Gods. There is evidence that this cosmic farming continues today!

I am making detailed studies into holographic realities, the nature of our brains and the roots of perception. Even Karl Sagan said that we may be the dream of God and then added that God may be our dream. This may be fanciful but he at least this exposes a collective consciousness or at the very least, a need for it.

All my studies have led me to realize that physically we are containers (interestingly, the Industrial American Military call us just that).   That the elements combining within you continue in the multidimensionality that is always present. The word death is therefore deceptive and not very useful. We are all a part of one collective consciousness, we are all a part of the oneness and that includes the Earth itself and indeed the entire universe (that represents our consciousness).
The more we pull away from that oneness, the more destructive our behavior becomes, through the assertion of the word 'I'. 'I want, I must have' 'I will not let you have'.

The more we act as a community the more we feel a sense of belonging, that our life has a purpose. We naturally form groups, families, societies, and it is worth noting that it is these very elements that are under threat from 'the authorities' as they fear that together we are strong!
The so-called war on terrorism is really about controlling the people and reducing the population.

We feel a sense of heightened awareness when we 'share love' when we mingle our spirits.
Just how much we experience this blending which may be spiritual or physical depends on ourselves, but this wonderful bonding process is always there if we allow it to be.

Individuals are sometimes inhibited by upbringing, bad experiences, their own state of mind, even health and may need help in finding reassurance, to release dimensions of themselves in order to experience a more enriched way of being for greater fulfillment.

So we have to continue as peaceful warriors and help others to enrich their existence, to have hope, vision, belief in themselves.

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