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From Mythology to our perception of Reality - the Great Adventure

From Mythology to our perception of Reality - the Great Adventure

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From Mythology to Reality - The Great Adventure

The Nephelim

In recent times after many years of serious study, it became clear as in a revelation, that myth in the form of stories woven in antiquity and cemented through classical tradition, had to have come from ancient beliefs and experiences, events in extremely ancient history. An origin that in some cases has now become established through compelling evidence to be true.

My studies took me into the world of the Sumerian tablets and stellas and into the earliest known Hebrew writings.  The books of Joshua, Enoch, the Jerusalem bible, King Nebuchadnezzar, the book of Jubilees.

The early Hebrew editions of Genesis, written in the 6th century BC, the book of Daniel written in 165BC, the Damascus document found amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls, composed prior to the first century AD, the ancient king list, the emerald tablets (containing the most ancient of alchemical formulae) 'By this, thou wilt partake of the Honours of the Whole World.....And darkness will fly from thee....With this thou wilt be able to overcome all things'.

So from these and many other ancient sources, (much time in major museums, translating directly from the work of scribes of more than 8000 years ago, that progressed the legacy of humankind thousands of years ahead of a presumed natural evolution, it became clear that there had indeed been ancient technological civilizations interceded by the Annunaki (those who from heaven to Earth came) who were reptilian and who had genetically modified us from approximately 39,000 BC.

In the Pacific basin was Mu, a reptilian stronghold, in the Atlantic basin was Atlantis (a civilization rather that a city) this area was also occupied by the Nordic Annunaki.
Those that survived the great flood spread out to different continents taking their language (initially they were telepathic) still traceable today.  The written language of the Annunaki inherited by the Sumerians formed a basis (via many mutations) for our alphabet today.

The annunaki seeded a hybrid (Adam and Eve who existed and became great leaders,they are traceable and not just a myth).  The Annunaki seeded a hybrid race to act as rulers on their behalf, the Nile Basin was one such area. These early rulers were strangely androgynous and had distended skulls many of which we have today, (some were looted from the museum of Baghdad during the Iraq war).

The original Annunaki left Earth (like a flock of migrating birds - Genesis) following a dispute amongst themselves as to whether we should be given 'The knowledge'.  This was at the time that an Annunaki cousin 'Martuk' seized leadership of the first Babylon.  He was not democratically elected by the Grand Council pf the Annunaki and this enraged Enki, who opened the outer gates in the walls of the great city, allowing marauding tribes to devastate the area.

When the original hybrids consorted with humans they created a genetic strain of giants, the largest of which stood 34 feet high. The bones of these giants are being disinterred in Southern Iraq and I have photographic evidence. Each member of The Grand Assembly of the Annunaki, their hybrid kings and Pharaohs, including their offspring 'The Nephelim,' are all recorded by name.

The term 'fallen angel' is not consistent with historic fact and is the result of a linguistic anomaly. The word Nephelim also pertains to the Annunaki themselves. The hybrids were known as 'the sons and daughters of Gods' who had fallen from grace - nephelim (those who had descended), identified in the Septuagint as aggelos, a wholly new breed of beings emerged in scriptural literature, the fallen angels. There were 200 fallen angels led by the 'chiefs of their tens'.
The Jews including Rabbi ben Jochai, state that these sons of gods are separate from the angels (in the second century AD). The word elohim is a plural noun that refers to 'sons of the gods'

Enki (Annunaki) was known as Enki Jahova, chosen by the Hebrew Tribes (after they came from Egypt, then to Canaan for 72yrs) as their God, the God of wraith, 'fear of God' after he had opened the outer gates of Babylon and let in the marauding tribes who massacred the city. All this is recorded history and the archaeological evidence substantiates it.

There is so much more wonderful evidence and this is the merest tip of what I, in the company of others have discovered. I only use the words 'in my opinion', either when there is a gap in evidential knowledge or when it becomes clear that new revelations may well be on the horizon, and this does happen!

It is my 'strong instinct' that the Annunaki have literally farmed the Earth even over millions of years, replenishing the terrain with diverse species following major geological and cosmic upheavals. This may well account for the Cambrian explosion and the advent of fossils that mostly have no 'Darwinian Ancestors'.

The Annunaki 'are' able to live for thousands of years as they produced an exotic substance called SHEM AN NA
which is known to inhibit the aging process. When the Annunaki left, the hybrids had to make a substitute this through necessity was the beginning of alchemy, the substance is called 'Highward fire stone' and is used today as it causes objects and people, to go into another dimension, and is known as an exotic material.

The reptilians who interacted with us thousands of years ago could well be interacting still as they live a very long time occupying a different vibrational frequency only slightly removed from ours.  We occupy the third density and as far as I can assertain the reptillians are trapped in the lower forth density.

When I refer to reptilian it is a species that come from beyond earth, (from the constellation of Draco). They walk vertically on two legs, can fly, they are carnivors, telepathic and immensely strong.  The longer their tails, the higher their position.  The Reptillian Royalty are white, about twelve feet high and called 'Draco Prime'  They have technologies far in advance of ours. The megalithic high tech civilization that existed prior and after the great flood, is suppressed by the establishment, however this is a time of great revelations and we will live to understand new truths about who and what we are, also where we came from.

We have evolved as a hominid but with a reptillian imput and are, apart from those of the hybrid bloodline, essentially homo sapien and very human but our understanding of 'human' needs to be better understood as from the womb into our life journy we carry the history of our genetic modification. The oldest part of our brain the R-complex is reptilian, it represents the instincts of survival, a desire to control through hierarchical structures of power and an aptitude for deception (a part of the brain I promise you I will never use on this site or anywhere else other than self preservation)!

So you might say, the evidence is right there hidden from us since the earliest times by the careful manipulations and omissions of the old Testament. Many religions in existence today are based on a modern reconstruction of ancient events and behind their facade of doctrines lie their true purpose, The Temple of Babylon and the Annunaki.

We are not, the Human Race - we are the human races, seeded and modified by races from different star systems, many of whom were centered in the Atlantis Civilization.  Doese this not explain our reistance to interbreeding between races, our gettoisation of cities that form tight racial groups with their own laws and infrastructure?

This realization puts new meaning into the Annunaki creating a division of tounges.This was implid to be a punishment to all mankind, however the truth may lie deeper and be part of a need to establish a worshipping slave race that would support the Annunaki species.  The Neanderthals are of great interest as although they had reached a point of cultural sophistication, they were not expected to interbreed with more advanced strains. I strongly suspect that the Neanderthald were deliberately discintinued.

If you go to The British Museum as a day visitor, go to the central atrium and climb the stairway. You will enter at the very center of the Sumerian department where you will see the ancient stellas that depict the Annunaki (Reptillian) leaders delivering laws to the King of Ur. You will see that from the earliest times they sat on a black throne, wore sheeps wool cloaks (lamb of god) had long magestic beards and hats that made them look like 18th century poets! The horns that curved upwards at the side of the head, symbolise one who is in direct contact with the gods. You will see these in Assyrian figures too. You will also see the actual leopards that adorned the Temple of Nin - khursag in ancient Babylon! She was called Lady of Life, Lady Earth, and delivered Adam and Eve from her womb transplanted there from the womb of a woman who had survived the flood and seeded by Enki her Annunaki brother.

The closest representation of the Annunaki the gods that 'made us in their image' can be seen at the British Museum and at Cambridge, in the form of little clay figurines made in clay as votif offerings in worship of their gods and found in their graves. The Annunaki had forbidden anyone to represent them and threatened death.  Perhaps the massive deception regarding our true origin is deeply seated in ancient times as a part of the Annunaki intention that is now maintained by Priests of the ancient mystical crafts, the secret brotherhoods and the blood lines of the Nephelim that still exist throughout the world who interbreed very selectively, and follow secret, ancient Babalonian satanic rituals even today.

The Hebrew tribes went to Cannan (the exact location of Archadia is in dispute). I have however traced for you a reference from mythology that states - 'Offspring of Zeus and one of the Pleiades, Maia, Hermes was born in a cave on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia'.


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