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The Coming Sun

The Coming Sun

Medium:Pen and ink on paper


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The Coming Sun.


This drawing is full of diverse dynamics. I am excited by elements that change almost in opposition to each other. My piano playing is full of diversity, elements of jazz are introduced into a melodic theme, to create stimulating new rhythms and surprises. Order out of chaos.

The drawing talks back to me as it progresses, if it stimulates me, then it just might stimulate others. I play music for myself but that is merely a vehicle to entertain others. I believe that this element exists in visual art though few artists will admit it, feeling that they are above those that look at their work, far removed amidst their lofty realms.

Unusually, this drawing has a central motif, a flower supported on a stem like a tree. Crosses existed thousands of years before Christ and these shapes have been included as flying elements. Everything is on the move, in a state of flux, just like the Earth that changes beyond our perception.

The vulva symbolizes new life while the sun is transformed by an exceptional burst of energy to scorch vulnerable plants. The eye of Isis looks on with foreboding, as she has had fore knowledge of cosmic events from ancient times.

The drawing is polyphonic, in that the black and white areas alternate between solids and voids, your perception can read the images either way but not both ways at the same time.

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