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Study for The Flight of the Pleiadians

Study for The Flight of the Pleiadians

Medium:Pen and ink on paper


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Study for the Flight of the Pleiadians.



This is one of a series of abstract drawings being made as part of an exploratory research.

I try to break down any habits I may have that offer easy solutions and often stereotyped formulas. To do this I make a line in a new unorthodox direction, building the structure of the work line by line, shape by shape.

I sometimes create an area of tone that makes its own edge or apply tone against a line. It is important to sustain a sense of surprise and to make something that will arrest your senses. If you succeed, you will find yourself looking at the drawing from beyond yourself as if it were made by somebody else.

In short, the drawing talks back to you so when it is finished you have to study it in order to work out what it can teach you.

This drawing is polyphonic, that is, it contains two-way images. Areas of tone become solids but then turn into voids but you can't see both those properties together. Some of the shapes almost become objects, beings, fish, birds, plants but they are changed and manipulated in order to sustain an ambiguity.

Above all, the combination of forms, shapes and lines are highly tensile and are finely tuned. Sometimes the tones become painterly however even the rough edges are meticulously made to be an integral part of the whole. A state of unbalance held in a state of balance.

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