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Together we are the Phoenix rising

Together we are the Phoenix rising

Together we are the Phoenix rising


This time of Ophuchus the thirteenth sign
Between Scorpio and Sagittarius
The Scorpion and the Lamb of Revelation
When the Ark rests beneath the wheel of time

The primordial mound of the Milky Way
Where the eagle rises above the serpent's head
The feathered serpent of Quetzalcoatl
The Ouroboros bites its own tail
A symbol of wholeness and infinity

The sun will rise as a Phoenix
From the fiery nest beneath the serpent
To herald a new age
For the spirits you are becoming

An alignment in space and time
Of the Divine Cross is measured
From the centre to the edge of the galaxy
From the centre to the southern point
Of the celestial equator

Upon the Earth’s surface, the Mundane Cross
Is formed by the Equinox and the Solstice
The crosses combine as an eight-armed wheel
Which aligns every 13,000 years

This is the moment of the Fifth Density
Spiritual enlightenment
Away from the treadmill of religion
As cellular memory is released
We will discover who and what we are
Our controllers will be revealed

No longer will they erode our freedom
We must learn right now, to govern ourselves
In complete harmony with the Earth
We have to empower each other to reject the
Destruction of war, and harmful technology

Our eco-system is a cosmic rarity
The human race must awaken to survive
And realise that as one we are strong
Together we are the Phoenix Rising

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