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Water colour - Rapture - stage four

Water colour - Rapture - stage four


Rapture - Watercolour - stage four


In stage four the figures have been further defined.

It is important to develop the form of each figure and not just the contours

as that tends to flatten the image.  This is where a working knowledge of the

human form becomes an essential root skill that heightens your all round control

in so many areas.  Edges have been emphasised only where shadow occurs to strengthen

the form.


The rhythms of the sky have been further developed and the tones deepened in selected

areas using a pointillist technique.  Where a deeper orange is use over blue, an optical

mixture occurs.  The trees have been painted with a fine sable brush, the tones softened

using a range of colour tints applied as a semi-translucent mixture.


The colour key demonstrates the three initial colours used.

The second three colours were used to further define the detail, to clarify the painting

overall and to develop the colour integration.

White has been included as it plays such an important part in watercolour.

As an underlying paper-colour it serves to intensify the colour while making translucent

colours visible.



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