Erishkegal Mesopotamien Goddess of the night who ruled the underworld - Babalonia 1792-1750 BC

Erishkegal Mesopotamien Goddess of the night who ruled the underworld - Babalonia 1792-1750 BC

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Erishkegal Mesopotamien goddess of the night, ruler of the underworld
Banalonia 1792 - 1750 BC

Erishkigal (also thought to be Ishtar) was an ancient Mesopotamian goddess, the Queen of the Night, goddess of sexual love and war.

This straw tempered clay plaque dates from 1792 and 1750 BC during the reign of the Babylonian King Hammurabi.

These images of pagan goddesses date from the time of the Annunaki the reptilian species who came from Neberu the tenth planetary complex who may have played a major part in bringing us to Earth many times through 500 million years and who subsequently genetically modified us into the species of homo sapien we are today.

The Annunaki (Those who from heaven to Earth came) took a reptilian humanoid form and Ubaid votive offerings at the British Museum give an accurate record as to the appearance of their reptilian heads (they forbade us from depicting them under pain of death or even talking about them).  This led to deception, manipulation and secrecy through ancient brotherhoods, religions and myths still rooted in modern society.   Goddesses and Gods are not depicted in reptilian form after the * Ubaid period.

The subsequent godly images may pertain to the first generation hybrids appointed as the first world leaders to act on behalf of the Annunaki. They therefore take human form, the bull's horns point to their place of origin and denote a close contact with their parental reptilian overlords.  It follows that such a regime is 'anti Christ' and that one Primodial God as the creator of all species, would be feared by the Annunaki, who also fear the unification of all the peoples of Earth.

* Ubaid - Pre-urban culture in Mesapotamia, dated to the 5th millennium BC. From the name -  tell Al Ubaid near Ur in the Euphrates Valley(now Southern Iraq)


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