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Water colour - Rapture - stage one

Water colour - Rapture - stage one

Medium:Pencil and water colour

Water Colour - Rapture - stage one


This work was first drawn in pencil to create an underlying cartoon.

The subject is entirely conceptual, the figures, mountains and trees

are drawn from imagination without any form of reference.

The drawing is made using a single line, the shapes have to be drawn

in a way that allows you to visualise the forms, the use of light,

shadow and reflected light.


The movement of forms through the space has an abstract dynamic,

the process is about picture making, and not a literal record of any

existing scene.  The painting makes its own reality but knowledge

gathered from a life time of drawing and observation plays a part.


Experimenting and developing visual language that may appear

stylised while controlling abstract tensions within the shapes.

The use of colour is also controlled in an abstract way, the first

section of water colour being added to the foreground mountain.

The blue may be maintained as a surface colour but is also highly

manipulable as an underlying colour.  Blue, creates a sense of

translucent light and being cool in temperature it recedes in space,

this allows a void to exist in the shadows.


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