Transient City

Transient City

Medium:Archival print (unframed)

Size (h x w):88cm x 68cm



Cat. Number:731

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The Story Behind Transient City

Transient City began as a small line drawing, a structure about internal and external space. Pre-computer, images were copy-scanned to duplicate, reduce and enlarge structures. The drawing became more elaborate using precision collage; shapes were drawn into to develop the surfaces. Further elements were then made from structures printed on to acetate together with mesh surfaces printed on an etching press. Kinetic elements were developed using collage, shapes appeared to glide across the surface.

The work became a hybrid of the Led Zeppelin rock album cover which used a free-form abstract tension within a square. Transient City maintains the structure of a traditional cityscape. Shapes appear to move beyond the boundary while being part of a contained experience. This development was important as it redifined the graphic format transforming the proscenium arch picture frame into a graphic theatre operating beyond the stage.

The image was used as the cover of Graphics magazine, painted and airbrushed colour was added to convert a tonal environment into full colour. With the arrival of computer technology, the composition was remastered in high detail. Manuel precision was fine-tuned, the excitement of the original work was revisited. From the scanned original, the original sheets of collage were used to further develop the image; areas that had been airbrushed out to make way for type were then reworked extending new components into the sky.
Computer technology has extended the subtlety and sophistication of the original work, taking it to new heights. The remastering process took over three hundred hours; Transient City was developed to make a fine art print to join the series.

Transient City (68cm wide by 88.2cm high) is an archival limited edition print made with lightfast pigment inks on 305gsm acid free etching paper. Your print will be signed and editioned by the artist and design permitting, will be emboss-stamped by Lantern Studios. Post is free of charge.

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