A Dialogue with Prague

A collection of photographs taken on an assignment to Prague.  My aim, to document the atmosphere of this magical city so close to Russia.  Signs of the old Communist military regime are entrenched in some. I met some extremely warm and hospitable people.  The old Jewish quarter has an intense atmosphere, the oppressive, overcrowded cemetery and closely configured roads and buildings are haunting and speak of extreme times not common knowledge to the rest of the then world.

I met musicians and artists on the Charles Bridge, sampled the antique shops and market stalls run by well informed highly sociable young people. I had to get their special permission to take their portraits, not to do so was intrusive as I was a guest in their every day lives.

The sex museum and the Museum of Torture seemed to cross pollinate, the exhibits became strangely similar.  It is notable that the elaborate Art Nouveau facades continue at a great distance from the centre, a powerful European style not found elsewhere in such an undiluted form.  I was at the epicentre of this development that ran through painting, furniture design and fashion. 

This section is being assembled so please return to enjoy the photography.

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