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Until the mid 1960s, artists were predominantly trained with long hours of life drawing from the nude model for up to five years.  This was the result of a long inherited tradition through art history, and thought of as a fundamental discipline and root skill that gave an underlying control to work in other subjects, styles and media. 

The Victorian obsession with evolution together with a religious arrogance that we were divinely appointed heightened a sense that to be involved with the arts was to follow 'a calling' that we as a being and image were in the very centre of divinity. It is important to demonstrate the underlying reasons for our human obsession with self and how it is all about to change.

The Victorians were so desperate to own the sciences, to be the global arbiters of knowledge that they ignored the complete lack of interspecies fossil evidence and covered up evidence that eroded the already edited biblical position.

The human figure as an image existed in art from extremely ancient times, as a symbol of our place in the cosmos, our spirit and powerful magical force amongst other life forms. We face cosmic changes, our real identity and purpose as a part of a vast community will be revealed as our consciousness rises from the physical to the spiritual, from the third to the forth density of time and a new revealed reality.

We are a remarkable genetic hybrid, brought to the Earth repeatedly over millions of years and modified as a slave race to mine for gold, grow food, built temples including vast pyramidal power stations that work from the Earth's natural energy grid.  We were so successful that we were given the power to reproduce and have become increasingly fixated with the physicality of that process.

The study of genetics is a fascinating one.  In the absence of any real inter-species fossil evidence it is impossible to trace any change in the physical characteristics of species (including ourselves) as a process of natural selection.  It seems more and more a reality that the species that have existed in the past together with ourselves were genetically modified, even originated from nano technology on a very advanced level.  A study of the microscopic flagellum in the human system, will reveal an intricate propulsion component that has not evolved through evolution as we know it and seems in every way designed.

This certainly illustrates a cosmic, interdimensional intelligence.  To establish the existence of advanced races (and we have) does not confirm a primordial God, neither does it discount one.  As a race, we will soon have to make a rapid adjustment to a new reality that we may be the product of intermediaries.  Should we be able to survive impending astronomical changes together with treacherous hidden global agendas we may live to see another mass landing.  We must understand it, be prepared for the possibility of it, and work together as a global community.

Our planet has entered a photon belt and is aligning with the sun and galactic centre. Those that survive will enter a new density and reality beyond our current controlled third density, a genetic upgrading has begun and some babies are being born with three strands of DNA.  Our minds are interacting with a partly engineered reality, light itself is an interactive, intelligent energy that we can physically change with conscious thought.  Light also reacts to our thoughts, instantaneously.

We are not the human race, we are the human races, originating from different star systems and modified by different species.  Advanced knowledge has been imported from elsewhere and the evidence is global.  Power systems, technology, science and knowledge of the universe has been operated in past civilizations at a much higher level than it is today.   Thousands of years of suppression and deception must now end.  A full revelation is absolutely the right of all Earth's inhabitants.

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