Drawing on the move

Drawing is part of a daily exploration process.  I explore change and the unpredictable
as well as forms that are more representational.  Underlying abstract dynamics are important to the process, together with a breaking down of the expected image.

By drawing in different locations, the atmosphere of changing environments indirectly feed into the work in ways that touch the subliminal part of image making.

The work is influenced more by a conscious and unconscious cerebral path and memory than direct objective looking.  This abstract approach eliminates extraneous elements, thus allowing all the components to dynamically contribute to the whole.

I tread precariously like an actor who portrays characters that may be diverse, comforting, threatening, dangerous, shocking, surprising, or humorous. Drawing is like standing on the edge of the abyss while peering into its heavenly equivalent, riding a horse, united with the wind, it takes you beyond the self.

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