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Zacron at The Royal Windsor Horse Show 2011

Zacron at The Royal Windsor Horse Show 2011

meets the world of equestrian excellence.


Zacron was delighted to be invited to judge the entrants of the British Drivers

Association of which His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh K.G. K.T.

is The Patron.

The occasion was The Laurent Perrier Meet of the British Driving Association.


More than thirty carriages gathered in The Copper Horse Arena for close inspection,

grooms in attendance, including staff from the Stables of the Royal Mews. The standard

of both the carriages and the horses, including Shetland ponies were the highest in

Great Britain. The Drivers, their passengers and postillion passengers and guards, were

impeccably dressed, some in formal driving attire, others in National Costume.

The occasion was one of supreme elegance, great dignity, even high fashion.

Much credit and thanks must go to stable staff who worked so hard and devotedly

behind the scenes, they contributed to the supremely high standard.


The sun shone brilliantly between the trees, showing the procession at its best.

Impeccable paintwork, shining bridles and halters, the Spanish carriage, adorned heavily

with clusters of bells, combined magic with romance as groomed horses trotted

energetically beside the river. Many horses synchronised their strides perfectly, lifting

their front legs in a coordinated dressage.


The artist was afforded every courtesy as drivers lifted their caps, classical bowlers

and silk top hats giving a sense of timelessness to the event. Seldom has a British Artist

received such acknowledgment and hospitality from a Royal procession.

Zacron was presented to John Peacock the Chief Steward for Driving, also Bob Elliot The

Ring Guard (see above) and was attended by two delightful escorts for the day.

Accompanied by ArtShot international's Celebrity Photographer the party of five then

drove in a state of the art Range Rover to strategic locations around the Royal Park and

Queen's gardens in order to view the Drivers and their equestrian teams in full motion.


The final judging took place in The Castle Arena in front of the Royal Box where Zacron

was engaged in conversation with His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh (above).

Zacron received the cast bronze award and rosette from a member of the Queen's Guard

and presented the rosettes to Paul White who won the much coveted award for the

most elegant carriage, horses and driver at the Royal Horse Show.

Jim Corbett, President of The British Driving Society greeted Zacron in the members

Restaurant overlooking the Castle Arena and commented that he thought the winner an

excellent choice.


Zacron was then invited to attend the Royal Box in the company of Her Majesty The

Queen and His Magesty The Duke of Edinburgh.


For your Reference - http:/www.rwhs.co.uk/ Event site

http://www.britishdrivingsociety.co.uk/index.htm Society site

http://www.carriage-driving.com/ Magazine


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Location Photography ArtShot International - Zacron DACS 2011 All rights reserved.

By kind permission of Her Majesty The Queen.

Zacron wishes to thank Tess Styles for her kind hospitality also to Phil Hewitt and

Robert Styles for their vision and support.

Zacron at The Royal Windsor Horse Show 2011
Dated 15-May-2011



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