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The Launch of Memories in Music at Knebworth

The Launch of Memories in Music at Knebworth - August 11th 2009

Memories in Music is building a great reputation in the music industry.

The launch was presented to an exclusive assembly of invited guests which included

major musicians, artists, manufacturers, business personnel, representatives of

leading charities and some informed and enthusiastic fans from all over the country.

In his introduction, Zacron (The Patron of Memories in Music) stated that the

company will be breaking new ground by making 'new memories' and staging events

that honor established musicians while embracing the cutting edge.

He also said that music gives a great power to the people in effecting change

on every level.

Memories in Music has already staged a Led Zeppelin tribute exhibition (also opened

by Zacron) in the library at Knebworth House, which brought together a valuable and

diverse collection of graphics, ob jet d'art, ob jet trouve, works of art and some classic

memorabilia. The company is planning to stage concerts and exhibitions

in a way that is entirely new. Events will honor musicians, collect vital funds for

important charities whilst paying homage to the important part that fans, enthusiasts

and supporters play in empowering the music industry.

For the first time, Memories in Music has created an arena that values the vital

contribution fans can make both as individuals and collectively.

The company is assembling some unique archives and mounting events and

performances in major locations in a way that has never been seen before.

Annie Hollinshead, Director of Memories in Music, gave a stimulating speech

welcoming contributions from a wide range of applications and skills, monetary

donations and the donating or lending of memorabilia for important exhibitions.

Richard Hollinshead, in giving an extremely well presented report, emphasized that

Memories in Music is a non-profit making company not for private gain but for the

public good.

Rock stars of world stature have given Memories in Music their full support, with

one prominent musician agreeing to funds being raised in his honour for a vitally

supportive and life-saving charity.



Following the launch, organizers received further support from all those present.

The overall reaction being that not only had Memories in Music resoundingly

arrived but that it would grow into an impressive entity.



Pictured (above) left to right, top - Zacron with Daniel Groves, right, with Mark Foley.

Centre - Annie Hollinshead (Director), group - Martha Lytton-Cobbold,

The Hon Henry Lytton-Cobbold, Zacron, Annie Hollinshead, Richard Hollinshead.

The Hon Henry Lytton-Cobbold with Zacron in the gardens of Knebworth.

Bottom right - Steve Blewitt with Zacron. Photography - Artshot International.

The Launch of Memories in Music at Knebworth
Dated 11-Aug-2009



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