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Zacron visits the Curwen Studios and Cambrige Art Fair 2009

Zacron visits the Curwen Studios and the Cambridge Art Fair 2009

The Curwen Studio has been working with artists since 1958. Artist are able to work in all the methods of lithography, in edition or mono-print form, they can use a stone, zinc or photographic plate.

With stone and zinc plate Lithography (autographic) marks can be drawn directly onto the surface using grease-based substances. If a stone plate (see above top left) is too heavy to take on location, artst work on a prepared transfer paper using the same drawing materials, the images is then transferred directly onto another surface.

The texture of the stone and plate can be ground to a required coarseness. With continuous tone processes, a zinc plate can be printed either directly or on an offset press. When an artist works on to film or paper (autographic) the information is transferred to the plate by exposure under UV light. The print can be built up in layers, a separate drawing made for each colour.

Photo plates can be made from an existing image and scanned transparencies are used to transfer the images to the plate. When making four colour work, additional spot colours can be added to regain the vibrancy often lacking in commercial colour printing.Hand drawn plates can be added to this process.

Above, top row, a collection of Lithographic stone in the Curwen Studio, Zacron in conversation with an exhibitor from Spain and with Ellaine who hosted a display from Number Nine The Gallery in Birmingham.

Above, center row, Lee Benson and Zacron discuss techniques for presenting framed prints, and the new Led Zeppelin double image archival print by Zacron. Ellaine, working on a mono print helped by Michael Papworth a printmaker at the studio.

Above, bottom row, Zacron examines an oil-based mono-print by Tim Wood (centre) entitled 'Coastal Break' inspired by the landscape of Cornwall.

Zacron examines a large format print in the company of Tim Wood (left) and Michael Papworth (right).

To read about the history of The Curwen Studios and Fiona Alpa the owner and host to Cambridge Art Fair

Zacron visits the Curwen Studios and Cambrige Art Fair 2009
Dated 02-Jul-2009



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