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Zacron, a leading figure in the sixties London art scene, is a multi-media artist, poet, art journalist and broadcaster. He is widely regarded an ambassador for art. His images for Led Zeppelin are seminal, his art, world renowned.

Welcome to the Zacron website. Within this site you will find an up to date selection of Zacron's Art on the Portfolio page. There is also information about Zacron the artist and the techniques he uses, in Zacron Information.  The Zacron Archive pages show a range of Zacron's work previously sold or held in collections.

If you would like to make a purchase, contact  Zacron or be added to the Lantern Studios mailing list, go to the Contact Zacron page.

New Zacron Website, now live!
Dated 29-Oct-2007



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