Zacron and Led Zeppelin III

Life was exciting in the sixties. For Zacron, an artist at the Royal Academy Schools in London, life was doubly exciting.

Everything was an adventure. There were few restrictions. You could experiment in art to your heart's content and Zacron certainly did. He staged 'happenings' in London, drew live in fairgrounds and ice-rinks, sketched from the top of the lion's cage at the zoo and worked in the dressing-rooms of the London theatre, drawing artists as they came off the stage.

The era suited Zacron, for whom art was an all-consuming passion. He began drawing at the age of one and in his sixty-eight years produced thousands of drawings, paintings, cartoons, photographs and models. He drew virtually every day of his life and his sketch-book abstracts alone number over 800, most unseen by the public.

Immense energy and enthusiasm went into all that he created, He frequently worked through the night and worked ceaselessly on a project until it was finished. Every aspect of his work was explored. So much so that a new word appeared in the dictionary 'To Zacronise' meaning 'to explore a subject from inside out and top to bottom”.

This excitement with life and engagement with art is reflected in a vast and diverse range of work which is laid before you here on the website (created by Zacron himself) As a prolific writer and poet, the text accompanying the work gives valuable insights into his prolific imagination, vast knowledge and extraordinary talent in a dazzling array of art forms.

The Led Zeppelin story is included in an exhibition and sale of Zacron's digital art (including the Led Zeppelin III Album Cover and Rotator) by Cheffins of Cambridge on 25 January 2018. For details go to

You can view or download the e-catalogue as a pdf here

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